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Another brand desktop theme, this one is for Zune Fans!
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There are people who come to extreme in order to customize the visual environment where you work, I find it unnecessary to install things like Windowsblinds or Flykite, although I must admit that achieve very good changes. But after years of shades of gray and square the appearance of different classical versions of Windows and five years of the range blue-olive-silver Windows XP, things bored. That's why it's good to see Microsoft provide us free of charge a new theme, with the excuse of promoting the Zune. I like the new look because the text in the title bars on the windows is white on black background, making them easy to read. Not so with the buttons to minimize and restore, as they have black outline and becomes difficult to distinguish. Instead of closing the button, in red, it is very visible.

The theme consists of a range of black and gray with touches of orange metal (in the style of some models of Sony Ericsson or Ubuntu), the start button for that color can be somewhat pleasant, thought I didn´t like it much. As expected these colors, in the end, have no major impact on my productivity and is good as a change in appearance but not distracting.

Something I found ironic, is that even being stored on Microsoft Servers (check the link) there is no official website, post or news on Microsoft or Zune Websites. But I can confirm is official since it has Microsoft trademark, its still funny.

*** the file was posted on microsoft developer network (msdn) forum http://channel9.msdn.com/forums/Coffeehouse/248816-Zune-Desktop-Theme/

jean de los santos
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